The next branch meeting is on
Tuesday 13th June 2023 7.30pm.

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The Dewsbury Branch serves the retired members and families, who have in the main, served in the Dewsbury and surrounding areas, under the umbrella of the old Dewsbury
Borough, West Riding Constabularies and the current West Yorkshire Force, which was formed after the amalgamation in 1974. We also have members from other areas of West Yorkshire and other parts of the country. All are most welcome.

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Although a relatively small branch in numbers, we have one of the best attendances at meetings (pro-rata), of any branch in the country.

At each of our quarterly meetings, all members are invited to come along with their partners and meet up with old friends and colleagues.

At the meetings we set aside a short period of time for the members to be updated and raise any queries and then we have a free buffet along with a quiz.

We are most anxious that when a member passes away we ensure the wife/husband/ partner of the member remains a member and this is actively pursued by the present Branch Secretary.

All contact with DEWSBURY Branch is via the Secretary.
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Any retired police officer (full service or ill health) may apply to join NARPO.

Did you know that you can join NARPO as an Associate Member?

This means that you might not have served until retirement, you may have left the police service early but still wish to retain ties with former colleagues.
You may have been a police civilian employee.

Police widows may join in their own right.

If you apply to join as an Associate member, your application will be considered by your branch committee.

The link below takes you into the NARPO HQ website and gives you full details and an application form.

NARPO Application Form